Security Tips for Pringle Bay

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PBSW Wants You to Stay Safe

PBSW Security Tips

Pringle Bay is one of the safest places in South Africa. But the reality is that it isn't crime free. 

So, whether you are a permanent resident, a weekender, a swallow, or just a casual visitor staying in Pringle Bay for a weekend or a holiday, here are some common sense security tips to help keep you safe.

Report Suspicious People and Vehicles

If you see anything suspicious report it. If you are a member of Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW) you should be on your sector's WhatsApp (WA) or Telegram group. You can report it here. Alternatively, report directly to SAPS. DO NOT approach suspicious persons or vehicles. 


If your house is alarmed, activate the alarm before you go to bed. 

Windows and Doors

It is generally not advisable to sleep with doors or windows either open or unlocked. 

Also, close doors and windows during the day unless you are in the room or nearby. Not only are open windows and doors an invitation to opportunistic criminals, they also enable baboons to enter homes. 

Both burglars and baboons work with great speed, so rather be safe than sorry. 


Don't leave cell phones, laptops, tablets, jewellery, money, or any other valuables lying around. If you go out, and when you go to bed, lock what you can away, or at least put it into a drawer or cupboard where it won't be immediately spotted if somebody does manage to gain access to the house. 


It is advisable to remove all items from cars and other vehicles and to keep them locked.

Report Incidents

If your home is burgled or your car is broken into, even if nothing is stolen please report to SAPS. Our nearest police station is in Kleinmond telephone 028-2718200. 

Unfortunately, casual visitors often don't bother to report incidents and prefer to report to their local police stations for insurance purposes when they get home. This is counter-productive for both SAPS and the PBSW because it thwarts the possibility of catching criminals. 

Fires for Heating

There's nothing nicer than sitting in front of a fire in the cold winter months. Whether you've been sitting around a braai fire or an indoor fireplace be sure to extinguish the flames before you go to bed. 

Help Prevent Fires

Pringle Bay is a conservancy area that demands the respect it deserves. It also has a very high wild fire risk.If you do want to make a fire (for a braai or to keep warm outdoors) don't do it if the wind is strong. Never leave a fire unattended and never, ever light fires on the beach. 

Fireworks are prohibited.

If you see a fire please contact your sector group or Pringle Bay fire chief Clayton Francis 072-1299788.

In 2017 a Pringle Bay house burnt down due to wild fire. You can see dramatic photographs here. 


Better known as plain old rubbish, refuse needs to be disposed of in the proper way. All residents are expected to use baboon-proof bins. If you don't have a bin then do the right thing by taking your rubbish to the village tip just after the entrance to Pringle Bay. Black bags and easily-opened bins attract baboons and will encourage them to access human homes. 



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