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SOS PBSWStay safe: Join the official Pringle Bay Street Watch (PBSW) emergency group now

The official PBSW emergency group for members is SOS PBSW on Telegram and it has its own distinctive logo for easy recognition. As a member of our street watch, SOS PBSW gives you instant access to SAPS-vetted responders. 

We have chosen Telegram Messenger app rather than WhatsApp Messenger for a number of reasons. So if you don't already have Telegram please download the app now.

Telegram, like WA, is a totally FREE  app that provides an instant cross-platform messaging service for smartphones. You can communicate in writing, with voice calls, and with video calls. You will see that you have a number of application options for Telegram, namely:

  • Four mobile apps: for android phones, iPhones and iPads, WordPress (WP), and the Firefox operating system (OS)
  • Two desktop apps: for Windows/Mac/Linux, and macOS
  • Two web apps: for the web version of Telegram, and for Chrome

This means that in addition to the option of downloading to your smartphone you can also download an app to your computer. One of the benefits of the app is that you can use it on all your devices at the same time. So, whether you're on the road, in the village, on the beach, or at home, your messages sync seamlessly between your devices. You won't miss a thing. 

Why PBSW Has Chosen Telegram

Launched in 2013, Telegram is a super-fast messaging app that is secure and simple to use. It was created for anybody who needs a fast, reliable messaging service. 

A disadvantage of WA is that only 256 people may belong to one chat group. With Telegram, one group can have up to 10,000 members. We need to be sure that we can accommodate all PBSW members in one emergency SOS group and 256 won't cut it.  

Telegram is also faster and more secure than WA - and this is vitally important to us.  

Another benefit of Telegram we have identified is that it provides a combination SMS-email service. So whether you want to send an urgent SMS-type please-help-me message, or documents, photographs, or videos, it can be done - as long as you stick to the PBSW emergency rules!

Data shared on Telegram doesn't have to be stored on your device. You can keep it in the cloud. Better still, it takes up a tiny (close to zero) amount of space on your phone. 

Another advantage is that Telegram has a search function. So instead of having to scroll through a whole bunch of messages, you can search for something specific. For instance, you might remember an incident that involved copper pipe being stolen from a house but can't remember who posted it or where and when it happened. You will find it quickly by searching for "copper pipe" even if the incident occurred three years ago. 

SOS PBSW is a Telegram supergroup, so new members will be able to see the full history of the group. With WA you can't see messages that were posted before you joined the group. 

You can also delete messages - which is great for those who post in the emergency group by mistake! 

Rules for SOS PBSW

The emergency Telegram SOS group is for emergencies - full stop. Absolutely no chit-chat will be tolerated. No pleas for people to find lost animals... No lost keys... It must be used solely for emergencies. 

No emoticons! ie no smiley faces, thumbs up, hearts or anything else may be used. 

The forum on this site, as well as our official PBSW Facebook page (to be launched soon), may be used for other discussions - including follow-up about incidents that have occurred. 

Please note that only registered members of Pringle Bay Street Watch may join SOS PBSW to maximise security and safety. So if you haven't applied for membership yet, please do so now. 

We look forward to your participation on SOS PBSW. Together we can keep our village safe.

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